Available Support and Helpful Resources

Hopefully you work within a staff team that will provide you with a confidential listening ear and support when you need it. It may be beneficial to talk to your manager about your concerns and needs as they are in a good position to give you support. They will be aware of what other supports are available within the organisation.

Most large organisations recognise their need to support staff physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically.  Human Resources Departments offer health promotion initiatives through their Health and Wellbeing Teams.  Support is available from Occupational Health when staff require it. Chaplaincy teams are there for staff as well as patients and their families. Your organisation may also have secured confidential counselling services from external providers such as Carecall and Staffcare. The contact details of your support options will be available within your organisation.

If you are caring for patients/clients and their families around the time of death and afterwards you may find these resources useful.

Caring at end of life- for Nursing and residential home staff

Dealing with Traumatic Bereavement 

Grief and Bereavement an overview for Trust staff

Useful Websites

 All Ireland Institute of Hospice and Palliative Care

 Irish Hospice Foundation

The Palliative Hub

Bereavement Services Association

Sleep and Grief Issues