Regional Guidance and Reports

HSC Services Strategy for Bereavement Care (2009)

Following the establishment of the HSC Bereavement Network in 2006 the Trust Bereavement Coordinators conducted audits to scope the practice of bereavement care within Health and Social Care and held consultations with bereaved people and relevant services and organisations to identify what was required to enhance and support care after death. This work informed the content of the HSC Services Strategy for Bereavement Care which was launched by DHSSPSNI in September 2009 and contains 6 bereavement care standards.

‘Guidance surrounding Death’

The Department of Health Northern Ireland has issued new ‘Guidance surrounding Death’ for primary and secondary care doctors and others involved in delivering care after death, e.g. nurses and paramedics who verify life extinct.
This can be accessed from the front page of their website

Other regional documents:

Care of the deceased patient and their family: A Guideline for Nursing Practice in Northern Ireland (HSC Bereavement Network, 2017)

The Donaldson Report (2014)

Breaking Bad News. Regional Guidelines (DHSSPS, 2003)

Guidelines for Palliative and End of Life Care in Nursing and Residential Homes (GAIN 2013)

Memorandum of Understanding Investigating Patient or Client Safety Incidents (DHSSPS, hseni, Courts & Tribunals Service NI, 2013)

Working with the Coroners Service for Northern Ireland (Courts & Tribunals Service)

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